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This game is created for the online game design competition 2022BOOOM, which is held by GAMECORES. The theme this time is "Take me Somewhere Nice". Our game link is


The human gut is not controlled by the brain and tends to have a mind of its own. A drug companies have developed a new active drug that could help stabilize the gut and make our lives smoother. The protagonist is the active agent in the drug, but he has another identity that the players need to explore by themselves. Relaxed and joyful atmosphere, dynamic and magic rhythm, free your mind, follow the rhythm to explore the secret of the body ~ rare relaxation! Take me somewhere NICE!!!


[Operation instructions] : Follow the instructions in the game and press the arrow keys "↑, ↓, ←, →" and the space bar "space" to operate.

The game is currently only available in Chinese, and the language selection feature is still under development and will be updated in the future. Stay tuned!

这款游戏是为了投稿机核网站举办的线上游戏活动“2022BOOOM"而制作的音乐节奏小游戏。这次的主题是”Take me somewhere nice“。我们的游戏链接是


人类的肠道不受大脑控制,往往会有它自己的想法。药物公司研发了一种新型活性药剂,可以有效的维护肠道稳定,让我们的生活变得更”通畅“。主人公是药物中的活性因子,但是他还有另外一重身份需要玩家自己去探究。轻松愉悦的氛围,动感魔性的节奏,放空大脑,跟着节奏探索身体的秘密~难得放松!Take me somewhere NICE!!!



游戏策划Game Designer:

吕逸飞  吕逸飞的itch主页  吕逸飞的twitter 吕逸飞的个人网站


许哲欣  许哲欣的个人网站


游戏美术Visual Designer:

付美君 付美君发itch主页

音乐&音效Music &SE:

李琼宇 李琼宇的instagram




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